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An adult pair of siblings in China didn’t want to bother with the expense or hassle of caring for their 90-year-old mother. Instead of taking care of her, or paying for her care, the two locked her in a room and tried to starve the woman to death.

Xiaoming Tsui, the 90-year-old mother, was found by police locked in a bedroom. Her son and daughter had locked her in there and refused her food, telling her they were depriving her so she wouldn’t have to go to the bathroom. They refused to let anyone in to see her.

“The woman fell ill and to get rid of the problem of having to care for her, her children attempted to make her die from starvation in the locked room. They didn’t send their mother any food, telling her it was so she didn’t need the bathroom, and would allow no-one in to see her,” said a report from the local police.

Tensions had arisen between mother and children as her health declined. That’s when they locked her in the room, but police say this goes beyond a family squabble. “This is not just a family dispute, but calculated murder. Obviously, the selfish children wanted their mother to die to save them trouble of taking care of her,” said a police spokesperson.